LNG Export Terminals

10427324_607199172720934_2225612195775665816_n(2)The United States is the largest producer of ‘natural’ gas in the world, with more and more of this gas being extracted through fracking. The gas industry is now rapidly trying to built Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminals to ship gas overseas to the highest bidder.

While Spectra claims that their new pipelines are for domestic use and “energy independence”, many of their new pipeline projects are being built in a way so that they connect with proposed LNG export terminals. There are several new Spectra pipeline projects with clear and direct ties to export terminals.

If we want to #StopSpectra – we must also stop the LNG export terminals that they are scheming with. Below is a list of proposed LNG export terminals that would connect with proposed Spectra pipelines.

In the Northeast the “AIM”, “Atlantic Bridge” and “Access Northeast” projects are part of a scheme to bring fracked-gas from the Utica and Marcellus shale fields to LNG export terminals in Maine and Canada:

Goldboro LNG
Canaport LNG
Downeast LNG
Bear Head LNG
Husky Energy
H-Energy LNG

In the Southeast the “Sabal Trail” pipeline is linked to several LNG export terminals:

Crowley Martime’s Carib Energy
Floridian LNG (FLiNG)
Strom LNG

In the Midwest the “Nexus” pipeline is being proposed to bring fracked-gas from the Utica shale fields to an LNG export terminal in Canada:

A New Dawn

In “British Columbia” Spectra’s proposed pipeline would be directly built with LNG exports in mind:

Prince Rupert LNG


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