Elected Officials

Fracked-Gas pipelines need political support in order to be built. Political support ensures that permits are granted and helps uphold the lie that fracked-gas is good for communities.

Putting pressure on elected officials to speak out against, or withdraw their support from a pipeline project is a powerful way to erode Spectra’s power. Below is a list of elected officials who have come out in favor of Spectra projects. These people need to stop believing Spectra’s lies – and instead join our resistance movement. This transition can be sped along through creative, nonviolent action.

For example after a series of steadily escalating tactics, culminating in the action below, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse removed his name from Spectra’s list of official supporters of the “AIM” pipeline project. Direct action works.

 Elected officials who support the “AIM” and/or the “Atlantic Bridge” pipeline projects:

– Connecticut –
Governor Dannel Malloy
Senator Chris Murphy
Senator Richard Blumenthal
Bob Duff, 25th Senate District
Lonnie Reed, 102nd House District

– Maine –
Governor Paul LePage
Senator Angus King
Senator Chris Murphy
Senate President Justin Alfond
Speaker of the House of Representatives Mark Eves
Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau
Assistant Senate Majority Leader Anne Haskell
Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson
Assistant Senate Republican Leader Roger Katz
House Majority Leader Seth Berry
House Majority Whip Jeff McCabe
House Energy Utilities & Technology Committee Chair Barry Hobbins
House Republican Leader Ken Fredette
Assistant House Republican Leader Alex Willette

– Massachusetts –
Governor Charlie Baker

– New Hampshire –
Senator Jeanne Shaheen 

– New York –
Town Board of Stony Brook

– Rhode Island –
House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello
Department of Environmental Management Director Janet Coit

Elected officials who support the “Sabal Trail” Pipeline

Governor Rick Scott

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