Past Actions

Resistance to Spectra Energy and their pipeline projects is nothing new. Below is a quick list of some of the actions and protests that have been carried out over the past few years targeting Spectra and their supporters.


Clergy Arrested in West Roxbury
Shipping Container Blockade in New York
Over 20 people arrested in Peekskill, NY
Three arrested in West Roxbury
Lock down at State Street Corporation
2 Arrested blockading construction on in Verplanck, NY
County executive confronted in Westchester, NY
11 Arrested in New York 


100 People March, 8 Arrested in Burrillville
2 Arrested in New York
Tree sit action in New York
Resident blocks Spectra construction in their backyard
9 Arrested in New York
More arrests in West Roxbury, MA
12 Arrested in West Roxbury, MA
Three People, Including Two Ministers in West Roxbury, MA
Three People From Three States Lock-Down in Burrillville
Vic Locks-Down on his 75th Birthday
Two Doctors Lock-Down in Burrillville
Town Council Member Arrested at Spectra Work Site
Tree Sit Launched in Burrillville, RI
“Laugh Riot” (Capitalism vs the Climate, FANG, BXE)
Protesters Interrupt Sen. Whitehouse
March from Burrillville to Providence
New England Activists Deliver Final Notice to Spectra Energy
SANE Energy Project – “Protestors: Whitney’s New 1% Museum…Close to Fracked Gas Pipeline”

From a lock down at the site of one of Spectra's gas compressor stations in Connecticut.

From a lock down at the site of one of Spectra’s gas compressor stations in Connecticut.


Sit-In Senator Whitehouse’s Office
Sit-In and Arrest at Senator Reed’s Office
Week of Respect and Resistance
Capitalism vs the Climate: Lockdown to “Bridge to No Where”
Physics Professor Arrested at Senator Whitehouse’s Office
FANG Shuts Down Spectra Energy’s Office With Tripod

SANE Energy Project – “13 Arrested Blocking Highway…”

Occupy the Pipeline: Halting Construction
Occupy Wall Street: “Showdown Against Fracking Pipeline” “Preaching Down Spectra’s Pipeline”
SANE Energy Project Fracktivist Flash Mob
“6 Arrested at Spectra Pipeline Project in New York”
SANE Energy Project – “6 Arrested…Frack Mob”

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