Nonviolent Direct Action Resources

Organizing an amazing action can be really fun and done with just a few friends. No matter how many people you have with your or what level of nonviolent escalation you choose to take, remember that every action has an impact.

Here are some resources to assist with planning and carrying out a Nonviolent Direct Action – this list is in no way comprehensive and we will continue to add to it.

Be safe!

Seeds for Change: Consensus

Planning a Nonviolent Direct Action
Seed for Change: Affinity Groups
The Ruckus Society’s Action Scouting Manual
The Ruckus Society’s Action Strategy How To Guide
The War Resisters’ International Nonviolence Handbook
The SOA Watch Handbook for Nonviolent Action

Security Culture
The Ruckus Society’s Security Culture for Activists
Tech Tools For Activism

The Ruckus Society’s Balloon Banner Manual
The Ruckus Society’s Creative Direct Action Visuals Manual
Puppetry Home Page

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union-Know Your Rights
National Lawyers Guild
Midnight Special Law Collective: Court Solidarity
Midnight Special Law Collective: Documenting Injuries

Strategic Corporate Research

Self Care
Sustainable Activism & Avoiding Burnout
Mindful Occupation Rising Up Without Burning Out

Activism & Depression
Activist Trauma: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Activists

Many guides are available for download courtesy of The Ruckus Society’s website. Please consider donating to The Ruckus Society:

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