This site is meant to be a resource for people and groups who want to join the fight against Spectra Energy. For those of us who have already been engaged in resisting Spectra, this site marks a strategic escalation of our resistance.

Spectra Energy is a Fortune 500 company that builds and operates oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities across North America. Spectra’s projects are directly linked to the expansion of fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shale fields. Fracking hurts communities, the transportation of oil and gas spreads toxins across the continent and the burning of these fuels contributes to global climate change which is already killing over 400,000 people a year. This harm can be prevented, corporations like Spectra must be stopped.

We do not believe that power is monolithic and that a company like Spectra holds all the chips. We realize that in fact Spectra only has power through the collection of institutions and individuals that support them. By using creative nonviolent action we can convince these financial, political and institutional players to withdraw their support from Spectra. Once these institutions begin withdrawing their support, Spectra will not be able to fully function and their operations will be slowed down or stopped.  This is a strategy that can win. We won’t stop until Spectra cancels their Northeast fracked-gas pipeline expansions and all of their other proposed fossil fuel projects.

10694388_305695592961766_8107670658430365840_oWe encourage individuals and groups to take autonomous nonviolent action that puts pressure on Spectra and their support system. From making a few phones calls to the targets listed, to leafleting outside of a bank, to using creative direct action and civil disobedience – every action has an impact.

Please feel empowered to organize a nonviolent action of any size, and let us know if there is any way that we can support you.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be uploading new content onto this website with more targets and details about how Spectra operates . We encourage you to contact us with any leads, strategic thoughts or information that you believe would be helpful for this campaign.

With questions, comments, or media inquiries fill out the form below or email Contact@StopSpectra.org. Together we can #StopSpectra.

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