Blockades and Renewed Resistance as Arrest Total for the #StopSpectra campaign reaches 155

The past few months has seen continued  resistance to Spectra Energy and their fracked-gas pipeline expansion projects.

Waves of actions across the Northeast have delayed construction of Spectra’s “AIM” pipeline project and Spectra’s political support is crumbling across the region. While having more people arrested as part of direct actions targeting Spectra is not the end goal, the fact that 155 people have now been arrested as part of the #StopSpectra campaign shows just how fierce and dedicated the resistance is.

Here are some important updates from the past few months:

On May 25th Resist AIM Pipeline launched a blockade at a Spectra construction site in New York.¬† A shipping container was remodeled into a living space and deployed on the site with two activists locking into it. Police ultimately cut into the container to extract the people inside. Check out Democracy Now’s coverage of this action and the resistance in New York.

Waves of arrests continue in West Roxbury, MA as more and more people join the resistance being led there by Resist the Pipeline. Also on May 25th 16 clergy sat-in at a Spectra pipeline construction site and were arrested.

Spectra’s political support continues to crumble. In New York Governor Cuomo called for construction to halt until independent safety studies could be completed.¬† This call to halt construction was then echoed by Senators Schumer and Gillibrand of New York. In Massachusetts the Mayor of Weymouth rejected an offer from Spectra to cease the towns resistance to a proposed new compressor station in exchange for $47 million.

Facing such intense resistance, Spectra continues to struggle financially. With their profits having dropped for five consecutive fiscal quarters:


Pressure has also continued to mount on Spectra’s investors. With The FANG Collective locking down and shutting down the main entrance of State Street Corporation, one of Spectra’s largest shareholder, in April.


The fight to #StopSpectra is growing everyday. Stay tuned for more updates.