Former Safety Inspectors Blow the Whistle on Spectra, 100 March and Take Action in Response

Two former safety inspectors have come forward with damming information about Spectra Energy’s “AIM” pipeline expansion. The fracked-gas pipeline has been met with fierce resistance across the Northeast.


The whistleblower’s testimony is alarming. Spectra Energy pressured inspectors to hide information from safety reports and circumvent rules while rushing to complete the “AIM” project at all costs. Workers suffered heat exhaustion and were pushed to work 70-80 hours a week while attempts to raise concerns were met with immediate retaliation. As one of the whistleblowers put it “We were told to shut the f*** up or quit”.

A top safety inspector who oversaw construction at compressor stations told us that the situation is so toxic that if the company doesn’t change their workplace culture, that the safety mishaps and continuous violations could lead to a catastrophic pipeline explosion. Read the breaking news article about the whistleblowers and view all the testimony at:

In Burrillville, RI there was an immediate community response to these revelations.

On December 4th there was a community dinner that brought together local residents along with activists from at least eleven other states who are resisting the gas industry, followed on December 5th with a march, rally and action.

100 people marched through Burrillville to the site of Spectra’s fracked-gas compressor station construction site, also the property where Invenergy is hoping to build a massive $700 million fracked-gas power plant. Once there eight people peacefully trespassed on Spectra’s property, with some symbolically planting tulip bulbs.  All eight were arrested.

But just like the flowers that were planted on Spectra’s property, this Spring our resistance will rise. Check out coverage of the mobilization here and here.



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