Resistance to Spectra Swells Across the Northeast

In the past month dozens of people have been arrested at several Spectra constructions sites, bringing the total number of people arrested as part of the #StopSpectra movement to 67. In addition to direct action, more and more communities are coming together to build resistance to Spectra’s recently proposed Access Northeast project. To cap it all off, a major mobilization is being planned in Burrillville, RI – where Spectra’s compressor station expansion has been fiercely resisted. 12208475_739996312810393_4201592535928304085_n

After waves of arrests, Spectra Energy decided to wrap up construction in West Roxbury, MA a month early. A major victory for the movement. More about the West Roxbury resistance can be found here.

In New York, where Spectra’s pipeline would cut only a few hundred feet from a nuclear power plant, residents and activists launched their first direct action. Nine people blockaded the entrance to one of Spectra’s storage yards – shutting it down for over an hour, before being arrested. Join the resistance in New York here.


In Connecticut, Capitalism Vs the Climate shutdown construction at Spectra’s compressor station in Chaplin, CT for three hours when Bernardo McLaughlin locked down to a piece of equipment. Donate to Bernardo’s upcoming legal defense.


In Rhode Island a major mobilization is being planned from December 4-5th in Burrillville, a town home to two interstate gas pipelines, two compressor stations and a gas power plant – now another huge gas plant has been proposed for the town. Read more about and register for the mobilization. Many more details coming soon.