Resistance to Spectra Gets Fierce

Things are picking up in the movement to #StopSpectra. Over the past couple months, there have been nonviolent direct actions in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts that have delayed construction of Spectra’s billion dollar “AIM” fracked-gas pipeline project.

12027594_414888172042507_5292662510092878396_nIn September three people locked down to construction equipment at the site of Spectra’s compressor station expansion in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Construction was delayed for five hours thanks to the action. Read more about the action here. The three activists who took action came from three states (NJ, RI and MA) where Spectra’s AIM pipeline crosses.

In August, two doctors locked down to the 11221697_404541776410480_3652134499770323666_nentrance of the same facility in Burrillville, leading to their arrest. The doctors were cut out from the bike locks attaching them to the gate, but stayed locked-in to their lox box until reaching a local hospital.




Also in August, Vic Lancia¬† locked down to two concrete “birthday cakes”, blocking the entrance of one of Spectra’s storage facilities on his 75th birthday.

Then in Massachusetts three people were arrested after crossing onto the site of Spectra’s construction site in West Roxbury.

At the time of this post being published, there have been 19 arrests in the campaign to #StopSpectra’s AIM Project: 6 in Massachusetts, 11 in Rhode Island and 2 in Connecticut.¬† This resistance is only going to grow, spread and escalate. Be sure to sign up for one of the three pledges to take action to #StopSpectra’s AIM project:

FANG’s Pledge to Take Action (based out of Rhode Island)
Resist The Pipeline (based out of West Roxbury, MA)
Resist AIM (based out of New York)