Welcome to the new StopSpectra.org website. This site will be continious work in progress as we continue our research and continue uploading new targets.

The release of this site coincides with the Week of Action to #StopSpectra that’s happening June 6-12th. On April 27th a Final Notice was delivered to Spectra, giving them 40 days to cancel their “AIM” pipeline project or face escalated community resistance. June 6th marks the 40th day.

Sign up your organization to participate in the Week of Action and pledge to take action as an individual. And join the open planning call for the Week of Action on June 2nd at 8pm est.

We encourage individuals and groups to organize autonomous nonviolent actions of any size and level of escalation that puts pressure on Spectra and their supporters.

Every action has an impact, together we can #StopSpectra



One thought on “#StopSpectra

  1. I represent Martic SOUL (save our unspoiled land ) and LAP Lancaster Against Pipelines. We’re working to stop the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline here in South central PA. Let’s all work at expanding the “community” we’re trying to protect. One large conflagration that will be hard to contain. Not lots of little fires that are easily extinguished. Let’s start meeting, talking, coming to each other’s direct actions etc. it’s a daunting task but we have no other choice!


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