Blockades and Renewed Resistance as Arrest Total for the #StopSpectra campaign reaches 155

The past few months has seen continued  resistance to Spectra Energy and their fracked-gas pipeline expansion projects.

Waves of actions across the Northeast have delayed construction of Spectra’s “AIM” pipeline project and Spectra’s political support is crumbling across the region. While having more people arrested as part of direct actions targeting Spectra is not the end goal, the fact that 155 people have now been arrested as part of the #StopSpectra campaign shows just how fierce and dedicated the resistance is.

Here are some important updates from the past few months:

On May 25th Resist AIM Pipeline launched a blockade at a Spectra construction site in New York.  A shipping container was remodeled into a living space and deployed on the site with two activists locking into it. Police ultimately cut into the container to extract the people inside. Check out Democracy Now’s coverage of this action and the resistance in New York.

Waves of arrests continue in West Roxbury, MA as more and more people join the resistance being led there by Resist the Pipeline. Also on May 25th 16 clergy sat-in at a Spectra pipeline construction site and were arrested.

Spectra’s political support continues to crumble. In New York Governor Cuomo called for construction to halt until independent safety studies could be completed.  This call to halt construction was then echoed by Senators Schumer and Gillibrand of New York. In Massachusetts the Mayor of Weymouth rejected an offer from Spectra to cease the towns resistance to a proposed new compressor station in exchange for $47 million.

Facing such intense resistance, Spectra continues to struggle financially. With their profits having dropped for five consecutive fiscal quarters:


Pressure has also continued to mount on Spectra’s investors. With The FANG Collective locking down and shutting down the main entrance of State Street Corporation, one of Spectra’s largest shareholder, in April.


The fight to #StopSpectra is growing everyday. Stay tuned for more updates.

Former Safety Inspectors Blow the Whistle on Spectra, 100 March and Take Action in Response

Two former safety inspectors have come forward with damming information about Spectra Energy’s “AIM” pipeline expansion. The fracked-gas pipeline has been met with fierce resistance across the Northeast.


The whistleblower’s testimony is alarming. Spectra Energy pressured inspectors to hide information from safety reports and circumvent rules while rushing to complete the “AIM” project at all costs. Workers suffered heat exhaustion and were pushed to work 70-80 hours a week while attempts to raise concerns were met with immediate retaliation. As one of the whistleblowers put it “We were told to shut the f*** up or quit”.

A top safety inspector who oversaw construction at compressor stations told us that the situation is so toxic that if the company doesn’t change their workplace culture, that the safety mishaps and continuous violations could lead to a catastrophic pipeline explosion. Read the breaking news article about the whistleblowers and view all the testimony at:

In Burrillville, RI there was an immediate community response to these revelations.

On December 4th there was a community dinner that brought together local residents along with activists from at least eleven other states who are resisting the gas industry, followed on December 5th with a march, rally and action.

100 people marched through Burrillville to the site of Spectra’s fracked-gas compressor station construction site, also the property where Invenergy is hoping to build a massive $700 million fracked-gas power plant. Once there eight people peacefully trespassed on Spectra’s property, with some symbolically planting tulip bulbs.  All eight were arrested.

But just like the flowers that were planted on Spectra’s property, this Spring our resistance will rise. Check out coverage of the mobilization here and here.


Resistance to Spectra Swells Across the Northeast

In the past month dozens of people have been arrested at several Spectra constructions sites, bringing the total number of people arrested as part of the #StopSpectra movement to 67. In addition to direct action, more and more communities are coming together to build resistance to Spectra’s recently proposed Access Northeast project. To cap it all off, a major mobilization is being planned in Burrillville, RI – where Spectra’s compressor station expansion has been fiercely resisted. 12208475_739996312810393_4201592535928304085_n

After waves of arrests, Spectra Energy decided to wrap up construction in West Roxbury, MA a month early. A major victory for the movement. More about the West Roxbury resistance can be found here.

In New York, where Spectra’s pipeline would cut only a few hundred feet from a nuclear power plant, residents and activists launched their first direct action. Nine people blockaded the entrance to one of Spectra’s storage yards – shutting it down for over an hour, before being arrested. Join the resistance in New York here.


In Connecticut, Capitalism Vs the Climate shutdown construction at Spectra’s compressor station in Chaplin, CT for three hours when Bernardo McLaughlin locked down to a piece of equipment. Donate to Bernardo’s upcoming legal defense.


In Rhode Island a major mobilization is being planned from December 4-5th in Burrillville, a town home to two interstate gas pipelines, two compressor stations and a gas power plant – now another huge gas plant has been proposed for the town. Read more about and register for the mobilization. Many more details coming soon.


Resistance to Spectra Gets Fierce

Things are picking up in the movement to #StopSpectra. Over the past couple months, there have been nonviolent direct actions in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts that have delayed construction of Spectra’s billion dollar “AIM” fracked-gas pipeline project.

12027594_414888172042507_5292662510092878396_nIn September three people locked down to construction equipment at the site of Spectra’s compressor station expansion in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Construction was delayed for five hours thanks to the action. Read more about the action here. The three activists who took action came from three states (NJ, RI and MA) where Spectra’s AIM pipeline crosses.

In August, two doctors locked down to the 11221697_404541776410480_3652134499770323666_nentrance of the same facility in Burrillville, leading to their arrest. The doctors were cut out from the bike locks attaching them to the gate, but stayed locked-in to their lox box until reaching a local hospital.




Also in August, Vic Lancia  locked down to two concrete “birthday cakes”, blocking the entrance of one of Spectra’s storage facilities on his 75th birthday.

Then in Massachusetts three people were arrested after crossing onto the site of Spectra’s construction site in West Roxbury.

At the time of this post being published, there have been 19 arrests in the campaign to #StopSpectra’s AIM Project: 6 in Massachusetts, 11 in Rhode Island and 2 in Connecticut.  This resistance is only going to grow, spread and escalate. Be sure to sign up for one of the three pledges to take action to #StopSpectra’s AIM project:

FANG’s Pledge to Take Action (based out of Rhode Island)
Resist The Pipeline (based out of West Roxbury, MA)
Resist AIM (based out of New York)

CNBC Asks Spectra’s CEO About the Resistance Their Pipeline Projects are Facing

On August 5th Spectra’s CEO and Chairman of the Board Greg Ebel made an appearance on CNBC to tout the supposed strength of his company.

But he was quickly confronted by CNBC host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera with tough questions about the resistance Spectra is facing and the struggles they are having to expand their fracked-gas pipelines in the Northeast.

These questions came after FANG sent a letter to Spectra’s top investors urging them to bring up our resistance movement on Spectra’s August earnings call. While these questions weren’t brought up on the earnings call – we’re happy to see that CNBC got the memo.

Check out the exchange below and keep an eye out for some of our favorite moments:

  1. Around the 20 second mark, Ebel boasts about how great Spectra is doing, while CNBC shows screen shots of Spectra’s stock price plummeting. (Spectra’s profits fell 88% in the second quarter of 2015 and their share price recently hit it’s lowest level in over three years)
  2. This interaction that begins around the 33 second mark:
    • Ebel – “Demand is actually quite strong particularly in the case of natural gas and particularly in the Northeast”
    • Caruso-Cabrera – “you’re trying to build a pipeline. I know tou’re trying to build a pipeline through New England….and yet you’re really struggling there, the environmentalist don’t want you to do it.”
  3. At the 3 minutes mark Caruso-Cabrera asks this great question: “Your opponents believe in global warming. So they have this argument that your existence posses an existential threat to the world…do you have a good counter to that?”

Watch the full interview here:


And chip in HERE to keep FANG’s resistance to Spectra going strong. 

Spectra’s stock price tumbles

Some good news: Spectra Energy‘s stock price has fallen to it’s lowest level in over two years.

As Spectra projects continue to get delayed or cancelled, and groups across the country continue to put pressure on financial institutions like State Street Corporation and Bank of America to divest form Spectra, we expect their stock price to drop even further.

With their earnings report due in early August, we should have a better understanding of where Spectra’s finances are at. We are also looking forward to an updated institutional investor list that will show which banks are scaling down their support of Spectra.

Spectra Meme

Public Events during the Week of Action

Here’s a list of public events and actions happening around the Week of Action to #StopSpectra. Check back soon as we keep adding to this list!

June 3rd – Providence, RI
Introduction to Nonviolent Direct Action Workshop

June 3rd – Hudson, NY
Public Information Session for Concerned Westchester Residents

June 6th – Swampscott, MA
Workshop, March and Rally to Keep Fracked-Gas out of Massachusetts

June 6th – Hartford, CT
350CT Planning meeting – Trinity College 300 Summit St. Hartford, CT, 3pm

June 7th – Boston, MA
Flood Boston Spokescouncil meeting – at Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, 3pm

June 8th – Burrillville, RI
Burrillville Against Spectra Expansion art build  (more details coming soon)

June 8th- Cortlandt, NY
and SEnRG Meeting – New City Diner at 3825 Crompond Rd, 7pm (email to RSVP)

June 8th – Verplanck, NY
“Pipeline Playdate” (approximately 1600ft from the proposed pipeline)

June 9th – Providence, RI
FANG Rhode Island Open Meeting

June 9th – Croton-on-Hudson, NY
“Pipeline Playdate”

June 10th – Providence, RI
Legal Observer Training

June 10th Yorktown Heights, NY
“Pipeline Playdate” (less than 100ft from the pipeline)

June 11th – Pomfret, CT
Fracked-Gas Pipeline Educational Forum -Old Town House, 1 Town House Road, 730pm

June 11th – Buchanan, NY
“Pipeline Playdate” (approximately 450ft from the proposed pipeline)

June 12th – Montrose, NY
“Pipeline Playdate”

June 13th – Atlanta, GA
Climate Action Theater at State Street Bank

June 14th – West Roxbury, MA
Vigil in opposition to the West Roxbury-Dedham Lateral Pipeline


Welcome to the new website. This site will be continious work in progress as we continue our research and continue uploading new targets.

The release of this site coincides with the Week of Action to #StopSpectra that’s happening June 6-12th. On April 27th a Final Notice was delivered to Spectra, giving them 40 days to cancel their “AIM” pipeline project or face escalated community resistance. June 6th marks the 40th day.

Sign up your organization to participate in the Week of Action and pledge to take action as an individual. And join the open planning call for the Week of Action on June 2nd at 8pm est.

We encourage individuals and groups to organize autonomous nonviolent actions of any size and level of escalation that puts pressure on Spectra and their supporters.

Every action has an impact, together we can #StopSpectra